Marina & Bruno – the engagement session

I went to Brazil to photograph the wedding of Marina & Bruno and we got to do an engagement session just a few days before the wedding. This was such a special session! They were so happy and you could see on their faces, laughs and looks the way they love each other. I feel so blessed to have been able to register this love, on a day full of expectations to what they were about to promise each other.

Marina & Bruno, I wish you two all the love in this world!




Marina & Bruno_01Marina & Bruno_02Marina & Bruno_03Marina & Bruno_04Marina & Bruno_05Marina & Bruno_06Marina & Bruno_07Marina & Bruno_08Marina & Bruno_09Marina & Bruno_10Marina & Bruno_11Marina & Bruno_14Marina & Bruno_15Marina & Bruno_16Marina & Bruno_17Marina & Bruno_18Marina & Bruno_19Marina & Bruno_20Marina & Bruno_21

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