It was hard for me to get to a point that I thought I deserved to be called a photographer. I’m a perfectionist, I criticize myself a lot and I always thought I could get better before earning the “title”. Truth is, we can always get better in whatever we do, and we should always try to!

Perfection is nothing but an utopia. I do dream to get as close to it as I can as a photographer and I know it’s a path of determination and dedication.

To take this photo with Bernardo in Iceland, I had to run in and out this little iceberg. I forgot to take my wireless remote so the only way was to set the timer, press the shutter button and run. In addition to that, I had found out just a few days before that I was pregnant, so the fear of a fall was pretty intense. I cannot tell you how many times I had to do that to get an image that would make me remember our time in this amazing country.

Now, I can honestly say that I believe I reached the point where my work has the quality my clients deserve. And I’ll never stop looking into ways to improve myself!




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