Alicia & Bryan

Documenting the moment of life and love growing in a family is something very amazing and unique, but this maternity session was beyond special to me. I met Alicia and Bryan a few years back when they were living in Bonn. They are both archeologists (how cool is it to meet a real life version of Indie and Marion?!) and became very good friends.

I witnessed their love up close and I remember clearly how emotional I got the day they told me they were expecting. I went to Kiel to photograph them a few weeks before Vincenzo was born. The weather was bad and they had the idea of shooting inside this natural history museum. If you know me you also know how much I love photographing outdoors, but this place not only tells a little of who Alicia and Bryan are, but it also looks very cool!

Vincenzo is a testimony of the love these two have for each other. I loved photographing this moment so full of expectations. Knowing that they will look back, years from know, and have these photos to remember makes me truly happy!

Alicia & Bryan_01Alicia & Bryan_02Alicia & Bryan_03Alicia & Bryan_04Alicia & Bryan_05Alicia & Bryan_06Alicia & Bryan_07Alicia & Bryan_08Alicia & Bryan_09Alicia & Bryan_10Alicia & Bryan_11Alicia & Bryan_12Alicia & Bryan_13Alicia & Bryan_14Alicia & Bryan_15Alicia & Bryan_16Alicia & Bryan_17Alicia & Bryan_18

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